Gilbert Portier

I have been involved managing Sport for 30 years. At the beginning I was an Ice Hockey Club President, then an Ice Sports Regional League President and the General Treasurer of the French Ice Hockey Committee. In 1994 I created a club of InLine Hockey and join Roller Sports French Federation. Four years later I became member of French Roller Sports Federation Central Committee.
From 2002 to 2006, I was President of French InLine Hockey Committee, from 2004 through 2008, I was Vice President of CIRILH under George Pickard umbrella and became President when George retired in 2008. My main target is to develop our sport all over the world with the help of the International InLine Hockey Committee members. I must say that all the members work hard to do that so we have a good chance to increase the number of countries in our FIRS family.

Valerie Leftwich

I have been involved in Roller Skating for nearly 60 years, initially as a skater in England and later in various administration positions. I was President of New South Wales (a State in Australia) for 6 years. I became President of the Australian Federation of Roller Sports and the Oceania Confederation, a position I held for 13 years until I had to resign because I became First Vice President of FIRS.
I have been a member of the CIRILH Committee for eight years, initially assisting George Pickard and now Gilbert Portier with the development of Inline Hockey. I am responsible for the organization and running of the Women’s World Inline Hockey Championships and Drug Testing at World Inline Hockey Championships for all divisions. We are lucky to have a committee that works closely together for the development of our fast growing sport.

Alberto Lastrucci

I have been involved in Roller Skating for about 50 years. First in Italy when I was 10 years old, as a speed skater and rink hockey player, then, in France, since 1996 when I was in charge of the In Line Hockey Club of Paris.
In 1999 I became a National Referee and In 2001 I became a member of the French In Line Hockey Committee and I have also been the President of the French Referees Board.
Later I became the President of the French commission de discipline.
Seven years ago, I was involved in the creation of the Veterans In Line Association, as the Vice-President, and then two years ago, with the wonderful support and help of CIRILH, we created the Veterans’ World Cup. I am very proud of this because it allows players over the age of 38 to continue to enjoy their favorite sport.
During these years I have worked closely with Gilbert Portier when he was the President of the French In Line Committee.
As I have a deep love for In Line Hockey, on July 2010 I joined the CIRILH committee as Secretary General. Under the umbrella of CIRILH, with Gilbert Portier as the President, I work closely with the other members to develop our sport all over the world and to help in the organization of the World Inline Hockey Championships.